We Should Be The Next Big Thing (according to this blog)

Well, this is exciting.  I didn’t even need my eponymous Google alert since a Facebook friend posted it on my wall:  The Curls were voted one of “24 Local Artists That Aren’t the Next Big Thing – But Totally Should Be” on a blog I had never heard of before, Newscastic. But, hey, who cares!  That’s pretty rad.

I picked this most flattering screenshot.

I picked this most flattering screenshot.

Thanks, Newscastic!


SUPPORT THIS KICKSTARTER that isn’t ours! (It’s our director, Cristi’s!)

Hey Curlfriends! You have probably enjoyed our most recent music videos, “Hey, Joe Biden!” and/or “When Baby Becomes Legal.” No? Well… keep reading. I’ll put them at the bottom of this page. Or just click on the titles above.

Seriously, you haven’t seen the videos, yet you’re reading our blog?

ANYWAY. Both these videos were directed by Cristi Rumpza at Girls Aren’t Funny Productions. She did an amazing job, so much so that she’s directing a THIRD video of ours, “In Public,” which will be released in the next month or two.

BUT HERE’S WHAT I REALLY WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT: Cristi and her partner-in-crime, Emily Schmidt (who wrote me a part in her 2013 Fringe play “The Education Of Murray Sanderson“), are making a film. It’s a 30-minute short film set against the backdrop of the Cranberry Festival in Stone Lake, Wisconsin.  Here’s the synopsis:

CROSS STITCH is a character-driven dark comedy set at Stone Lake, Wisconsin’s famous annual Cranberry Festival. How far will one woman go to win the festival’s Bake-Off? Can she maintain her reputation in this tiny lakefront town? How many products can be made from cranberries?  

And they’re doing a Kickstarter to raise funds and you should back their project.


Because I, Courtney McLean, have worked with both of these ladies and they are:

- COMMITTED. (not like, in an asylum) These ladies are amazingly dedicated workers; they channel my stoner-flakiness into end-products that have wooed audiences near and far, live and internet.

- FUNNY. Emily’s knack for quick-witted, snappy, and laugh-a-minute dialogue (if I may use ALL the cliches) outpaces many writers with stable writing jobs today. Cristi’s penchant for drawing the most hilarious visuals from words placed in front of her is blatantly apparent in both our most recent music videos, and there are layers and layers of gorgeous, thoughtful hilarity.

- FEMINIST. Both Emily and Cristi take women’s place in comedy and film seriously, but with the healthy helping of FUN that is not missing from recent female-driven comedy projects like “Bridesmaids.” Strong female characters are at the forefront of Emily and Cristi’s endeavors, and Cross Stitch is no different. I hope you will consider backing Emily & Cristi’s Kickstarter. They have 11 days left, and only $3000 of their goal left to go! At this point, every little bit helps, seriously.

Thank you for your support!

PS – these are the videos Cristi has directed for us!

“This One’s For Dad” AVAILABLE NOW!

Curlfriends! In case you’ve been too wrapped up in your own lives to notice what’s happening over in this filthy corner of the internet, we released our album 6 days ago.

I’ve been too wrapped up in my life to post about it!  But here you go… you can click on the picture and it’ll take you right to our iTunes page where you can buy it digitally there.

"This One's For Dad" - Cover art by Sarah Hedlund Illustration - http://cargocollective.com/sarahhedlund

Cover art by Sarah Hedlund Illustration – http://cargocollective.com/sarahhedlund


BUT(t) – if you are a person of the 90’s, like me (obviously), you may want the physical, tangible, tactile, and other words for touch, copy in your greezy hands.

Also, DO YOU LOVE SECRET TRACKS?  Because we’ve got TWO! Although, if you buy the actual CD, do be warned… my bonehead “first CD” move (even though it’s technically my 2nd) was making a “secret” track 69 (person of the 90’s) and making tracks 18 – 68 all seven second blank tracks.

But we don’t just listen to CDs anymore, do we? Except maybe our cars, because now my artist friends who can afford new cars have at least stepped it up to cars with CD players as standard.  But, no, we don’t just pop a CD on the player (also except certain exes I know that insist on keeping their 100-disc changer out on display instead of just consolidating that shizz to an iPod), we import.

So, you either import tracks 18-68 and select all and delete, which I think is the best option, or you can just uncheck them upon importing. I don’t know. I’m sure it’s easier than I think it is. I literally have not bothered to even check out how it’s done because I am that much a person of the 90’s.

The 90’s ARE back though, so…

ANYWAY.  You can buy the physical CD here or the digital album here.  You don’t get the secret tracks with the digital album or the pictures inside and stuff, but you do get saved hassle.  Hehe.

THANK YOU to everyone that’s bought a copy so far.  I really hope you’re loving it!

VIDEO PREMIERE! “When Baby Becomes Legal” – SFW too (except lyrics, duh, you guys)

Here it is, Curlfriends!  The official video for “When Baby Becomes Legal!”  Enjoy.





June 10 is when our album “This One’s For Dad” is being unleashed onto the world. But MONEY TALKS so you can prove your ultimate love to us by buying the album THREE WEEKS EARLY (but not getting it till June 10 – jk, we’ll probably give it to you June 6 or something).

BUY IT PRESALE HERE!  Like, here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-ones-for-dad/id879250391?ign-mpt=uo%3D4




No, you don’t get the album early. In fact, you don’t really get anything special except the ability to say you bought it early (which I will TOTALLY back you up on, I PROMISE).

MY POINT IS: You can buy our album three weeks early and not get to hear it till the same time as every one else, but you bought it first SO WHO’S THE BEST?!? You are.  Thank you.




“Open Wide” with Emily Schmidt

This video is about a year and a half old, but things that were funny then are still kinda funny now.  Our buddy Emily Schmidt did a short-lived series called “Open Wide” wherein she interviewed her “famous friends.” This was before Lacey’s time with us and I don’t know where Kevin was. We may not have been able to fit him in the bed. Anna also presents Emily with an amazing, homemade empathy chin-sling made of… well, you’ll just have to watch.


CURLFRIENDS.  Even more exciting than singing on a Drug Budget album, is singing on my own album with my friends.  We went into the studio last June and a year later, here we are. It feels like such a long undertaking, having been raised in theater and used to starting and finishing a project within a couple of months. But I’ve been reassured ’tis the process for making a great album. Also, The Curls are busy, in-demand people.

But we are where we are and here we are: a month away from releasing our first full-length CD into the folds of time and space. And the party’s on June 7.

Be there, be square, be a bear

Be there, be square, be a bear

Here’s the Facebook invite for those of you that do that stuff (and it’s got all the info… in case you don’t feel like reading a couple more sentences).  And here’s all the info:

June 7, 2014

331 Club,  331 13th Ave NE, MPLS 




Okay, see you there!